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Innovation consciousness is the core force of precision mold development


According to foreign media reports, a scientific team of engineers in France has developed a wind power artificial tree about Precision Moulds.

Jerome Michaud Larriviere, founder of a start-up company in Paris, said: "There was no wind at all, and I saw the leaves shaking in a square, so I came up with this power generation method. I think the energy has to come from somewhere and be converted into electricity." The company will sell the Wind Tree in 2015.

It uses small blades inside artificial leaves to generate electricity. It works no matter which way the wind blows. In addition, an important advantage is that it generates electricity without noise of precision moulds. Lariviere hopes the new power generation will eventually be used in people's own homes and city centers.

The Wind Tree will be sold for £23,500 each. It will produce twice as much electricity as a conventional wind turbine because it only needs 4.5 miles per hour (7.2 kilometers per hour) of wind to generate electricity. The scientist hopes to one day use wind trees to explore the potential of powering LED street lights or charging stations for electric vehicles through airflow near buildings and streets.

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