Paper Bag Punching Mould

LEO Premium Paper Bag Punching Moulds - The ultimate solution for fast and efficient production of quality paper bags.

    Our moulds are carefully crafted using the best materials and engineering techniques in the industry. With years of expertise and experience in manufacturing top quality products, our paper bag punching moulds are guaranteed to meet all your requirements and exceed your expectations.

We design our moulds to give you superior results every time you use them. It is designed to quickly and efficiently produce high quality paper bags that are durable, strong and beautiful. With our moulds, you can easily and accurately punch perfect holes in your paper bags.

Whether you need to make custom paper bags for a business or an individual, our paper bag punching moulds will meet your needs. The innovative design of the mould ensures that the paper bags you produce are of the highest quality and will stand up to the rigours of everyday use.

Our paper bag punching mould is designed to be user-friendly, lightweight and easy to handle. It strikes the perfect balance between quality and performance and is suitable for both novice and experienced users.

Our mould is not only made of high quality materials, but is also extremely durable and versatile.

In short, if you want to produce high quality paper bags quickly and efficiently, our paper bag perforation mould will be your best choice. It is the perfect solution for businesses and individuals looking to impress their customers.


Wujiang Leiou Industry, looking forward to every customer's visit and guidance!

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  • 0402 Punching Die, your go-to solution for high-quality, efficient and precise punching of various materials. Made in China by LEOXY, a trusted name in manufacturing, this punching die is an essential tool for any factory or business looking to streamline their production process.

  • 0603 Punching Die, brought to you by LEOXY – your go-to source for quality tools and equipment. Our product is proudly made in China with top-of-the-line materials and manufacturing processes, ensuring the best possible quality for your punching needs.

As a professional China Paper Bag Punching Mould Manufacturer and Supplier, we have own factory. You may need some customized services to meet the actual needs of your region, you can leave us a message through the contact information on the webpage. Welcome to buy high quality Paper Bag Punching Mould from us. Let us cooperate with each other to create a better future and mutual benefit.
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